Glazed Patio Doors Save Energy While Adding Beauty to Your Home

Glazed Patio doors with glass paneling are beautiful, but they don’t always hold up well to the chill of colder weather. If you take care to make smart choices during your patio improvement project, however, you can purchase paneled doors that will let you retain the elegant look and view without compromising on heat retention or energy efficiency. Glazed patio doors are just as attractive as traditional versions and use their unique construction to reduce the overall energy consumption of your home.

How Energy-Efficient Glazing Works

Double glazed windows might be relatively new, but they’ve proven themselves to be far more effective in terms of energy conservation than their single-glazed counterparts. While conventional windows consist of a single pane of glass held in place by an outer frame, double-glazed windows use two separate panes held a short distance apart. There are even some versions that use three panes in the same way to multiply the effect of the technique.

Contrary to what you might expect, the most important part of a glazed window’s construction is actually the space between the windowpanes themselves. This gap creates a barrier between the air inside the building and the air outside of it, trapping the heat on the side of the panel from which it originated. Sometimes manufacturers will go one step further and include a layer of inert gas (argon is a popular choice) inside the empty middle space to further increase the window’s insulating properties. The cold stays outside, the warmth stays inside, and you ultimately gain far more control over the temperature in your home. You’ll spend less money on your energy bills and have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve invested in the planet’s future by making an ecologically-friendly choice.

Glazing has benefits beyond its energy-saving abilities, too. It helps keep a room’s temperature more comfortable and consistent, creating a cozy atmosphere that can drastically increase the appeal of a space. On top of that, double-glazed glass windows are also quieter and carry less condensation than ordinary glass windowpanes. The whole setup should last at least 20 years and may be an attractive feature to mention if the home is ever put up for sale.

Frame Materials and Styles

A glazed patio door is more than just some plates of glass – you can choose from a variety of materials to build the frame that holds them together. Materials can range from conventional options like wood, aluminum and steel to more specialized possibilities like fiberglass, vinyl and even uPVC. You can also opt for composite frames that combine two or more materials to take advantage of the strongest points of each one. Not all materials are equally suited for all projects; beyond just the look of the assembled door, you should also consider any upkeep and maintenance needs that are likely to crop up. For example, wood frames will need to be repainted periodically in order to stay looking fresh, and metal ones may develop dents or rust that will compromise the integrity of the door.

The door can also be constructed in numerous ways, from French and sliding doors to hinged and atrium styles. You can also use each type on its own or in sets of two or three to create different effects. If possible, try to view each type in person to get a better sense of how it looks and feels in a real-world setting.

Design and Style Tips

To find the overall look that is best for your home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

-Make sure the door design you choose fits into the overall look of both the inside and the outside of your home, as it will regularly be seen from both angles.

-Choose your style to suit your circumstances – for instance, delicate styles may not be a great choice for homes with young children who often slam or bump into the doors, but might be much more workable for a childless older couple.

-Conduct some quick tests to ensure you’ll be able to open your door without bumping it into walls or furniture, preserving the harmony of the room.
-Consider maximizing the width of the doors to provide a more panoramic view of your outdoor spaces.

You don’t have to choose between aesthetics and practicality when renovating your patio entryway. Glazed patio doors are a smart investment that let you enjoy beauty, comfort and lower energy bills all in one.