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OfficeMichael is outraged when Jim permits Phyllis to be Santa at the office Christmas get together. However open plan offices are worse A lot worse. The office loves Sabre CEO Jo Bennett, till she says that there cannot be two department managers and that either Michael or Jim should go back to sales. The office supply shops’ Black Friday sales will run┬ávia Saturday, Nov.

Michael invitations all the office to have a good time the christening of Pam and Jim’s baby, Cece. This hit comedy chronicles the foibles of disgruntled office staff – led by deluded boss Michael Scott – at the Dunder Mifflin paper firm. Everybody hopes to make a very good first impression on the new manager: Andy finds himself typecast, whereas Jim and Pam fear they’ve come on too robust.

Michael has big plans for his fifteenth anniversary celebration, however the company’s new, no-nonsense vp has some ideas of his own. Michael gets kicked out of the bar when he tries to impress a buddy of Jim and Pam’s. With rumors of downsizing floating across the office, a nervous Dwight approaches Jim about forming an alliance to guard their jobs.

To get noticed by Company, Dwight takes his group to Tallahassee to conceive a brand new chain of Sabre retail shops. A stench in Michael’s office leads to a recreation of musical chairs, prompting Michael to take over Jim’s cubicle and reminisce about his previous. Jim and Dwight are thrown off by the arrival of two young employees that the others dub “the brand new Jim” and “Dwight Jr.” Andy returns from coaching.

Jim and Dwight attempt to get everyone into the vacation spirit. Dwight and Jim wrestle with their occasion-planning duties. Office provide store is probably not the first issues that come to mind when fascinated about Black Friday gross sales , but do not forget, they sell greater than paper and pens. Karen and Jim interview for a gap on the corporate offices, though Michael thinks he has the job sewn up. Jan desires one other chance with Michael.