The 3 Best Waterproof Flooring According to Interior Designers

Few elements of your home décor matter quite as much as your flooring. Not only does it need to fit your aesthetic style, but it has to be practical, too, able to stand up to the pressures of daily life, whether it’s just you, you and the kids, or just about everyone and the family dog.

When it comes to crowded households, waterproof flooring might be the wisest option of all. Spills do happen and options like vinyl flooring can make the aftermath much more of a hassle. But which waterproof flooring is the best? Here are three of the options best loved by interior designers and why


Designed to be practically indistinguishable from natural wood, this luxury vinyl wood flooring option is not only waterproof but has a core of limestone-based material, making it much more resilient in the face of other kinds of wear and tear, too. It’s waterproof, UV-proof, and resistant to dents. As such, it can be installed in a wider range of places that normal vinyl can’t due to their usual issue of fading in direct sunlight. Firmfit doesn’t have that problem, so it’s perfect for using in rooms with plenty of exposure to natural light, like sunrooms. The density of the core keeps it strong against impacts, heavy loads like furniture, and scratches, making it pet-proof as well.


Another luxury vinyl brand, NovoCore is built with green, healthy homes in mind. It’s certified against VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) constituents that are common in other vinyl wood flooring types and has an anti-bacterial coating that keeps the floor free of most harmful bacteria. For those with children, especially those who have health issues like asthma, NovoCore can help you keep the home a healthier, more comfortable place to live and breathe. However, that’s not NovoCore’s only strength. The unique aesthetic and feel of NovoCore are what makes it especially popular. The planks don’t just resemble real wood visually, they’re designed with 3D technology that accurately recreates the contours of the grain, too.


A clean, neat luxury and water-resistant laminate product, Audacity is built to withstand the pressures of family life, being not just water resistant, but protected against scratches, stains, and dents. What’s more, it’s convenient and easy to install, able to be placed in larger areas without the need for T-moldings, meaning it can take a lot less time to add to the home. The super resistant wear layer on top also means that it’s easy to maintain, perfectly suited for wet-mopping and steam-mopping, which can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to clean up after spills. It’s laminate, but it’s also completely free of PVC, meaning that it’s much better for the environment than some of the other options out there, too.

With the three options above, finding the right waterproof flooring options for your home should be easy. Now your floors can be ready for whatever the family throws at them, without demanding too much when that occasional spill happens.

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