6 Ways to Cool Hot Rooms Quickly & Easily

If the weather is hot, you can’t sleep because your body feels hot. Want to have a cool room, but is there a way to make a cold room without air conditioning? Considering that at this time to buy a good AC, the price is quite draining, so you have to get around yourself so that the room will be cooler and you can sleep soundly. if you are looking for a personal air cooler at an affordable price, you can buy it at Vankool.

Here are some tips and ways to cool hot rooms without using AC. How to cope with stuffy and hot rooms can also be tricked by making our bodies cool, you know. Come on, just see the full tips below.

6 Ways to Cool Hot Rooms Quickly & Easily

Cause Room Heat

Rooms that are too hot can make us uncomfortable in it. If the air inside is too hot and stuffy, we will not be able to rest comfortably. Moreover, Indonesia is a tropical country that does not have snow or autumn which can make the air cooler.

Before figuring out how to cool a hot room, you need to know a few things that can cause the room to become hot:

  • Room Exposed to Sunlight

If your room faces east, at 08:00 – 13:00 the temperature inside the room will be very hot. Why? A room facing east means exposure to the sun during the day. Of course, sun-exposed rooms are hotter.

  • No Air Ventilation

Windows and vents above the door provide a great influence on air circulation in the room. If your room does not have windows and air ventilation, of course not much air will enter the room.

  • Close to Hot Temperature

Believe it or not, rooms near the kitchen are hotter than rooms far from the kitchen. When there is cooking activity in the kitchen, of course, the temperature of the room nearby will increase because it is near the hot temperature.

Also, the lamp can issue heat. If the light in your room is white and always on, your room will feel hot. You can also find out the causes of hot rooms by reading the following collection of articles on hot rooms.

How to Cool a Hot Room

Everyone certainly wants a comfortable rest. However, can you rest if the temperature in the room feels hot and stuffy? In the following I will share how to cool a hot room without using AC:

1. Install the Fan

If you feel the air conditioner is too expensive, then buy a fan that is enough to circulate cool air throughout your room. The fan is a way to make the room cooler and the most appropriate way because if one day you move from the boarding house, the fan can be directly brought and no need to bother removing the air conditioner.

2. Close the Curtain

The heat in the room can be caused by sunlight coming into the room through the window. Close your curtains to keep the sun out of your room. If you want to open the window go ahead but close it with a curtain.

3. Wet the Floor and Open the Window

Although it seems impossible, how to cool a hot room with this simple method you can try. Wet the floor in the room to give cool air in the room. Water can reduce the temperature in the room. Also, open the window in your room and let the air in. At night close the curtain so that no mosquitoes enter the room.

4. Change of Bed Sheet and Pillow

If your room does not use air conditioning and there is no ventilation in it, then you can work around this by changing bed linen and pillows. Choose bed linen made from viscose or cotton fabric because both types of fabric can give you a cool feeling. Also, replace the old pillow with buckwheat pillow or oat bran. Because the wheat skin has a natural air space.

5. Turn off the lights

One hot room solution is to turn off the lights. As we explained above, the lamp is one source of heat. When sleeping, you should turn off the lights so the air in the room is cooler.

6. Create Your Air Conditioning

This one simple experiment you can try if you really can’t stand the heat in the room. To make your air conditioner, you need a glass filled with ice cubes, salt, and a table fan. You can also use two bottles of mineral water filled with water that has been frozen.

How to overcome the hot wall is to choose a paint color that is not too dark. Dark colors like black, brown, or blue make the room feel hot.

How to make the body cooler

What about room solutions without ventilation? Do you have to immediately install the air conditioner? If you have more funds to install air conditioners, then there is no problem if you install air conditioners as air conditioners. However, if there is no budget to buy air conditioners, you can make your body feel cooler.

Here are some tips to make your body cooler so you don’t need to look for ways to cool a hot room:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Use Thin Clothes
  • Consumption of Body Cooling Food
  • Lay on the Floor

That’s the sundries tips and how to cool a hot room. Besides using air conditioning, it turns out there are other air conditioning options that you can try. However, if all of the above solutions are not enough to cool the room, consider buying an air conditioner or air cooler. You can read the instructions for using both air conditioners in the article how to use air conditioners and how to use the air cooler

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