Things To Know Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation Project

Things To Know Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation Project

We all have bathrooms at home and pretty sure that it is one of the busiest spot, especially when you belong to a big family because one member will use it for at least five times a day. This means that you should care a lot for this, undergo minor renovations when necessary and do some repairs, when things get older. In fact, deciding on this requires ample time, too, because there are many things, which you need to discuss with the contractors.

Do you think that working on this small project is as simple as telling the experts or contractors what you want to happen in this bathroom? Actually, it is more than that, since you will be a very important part of the project, which will be starting from you. For example, you will propose what you like, choose the furniture, color, design, theme and lighting, basing on your chosen design and everything within those are always choices that only you can approve.

Keep in mind that when it comes to a bathroom renovation, there is no big or small job because the only thing that differs is the size of the room that these experts are going to work on. Therefore, before starting the reconstruction or remodeling, you have been aware of the most important factors that you really need to consider here. Let’s say that this not only about hiring the right person, but it is also about how this project will turn out to be a success.


You have to make sure that the standard size of pipes, which is 1 and a half inch, will be used for drainage, to avoid clogging. However, if it is possible to adjust this to 2 inches, then that would be great.

It is also important that the pipelines, where water supply usually passes must not be routed into the wall’s exterior. This must be considered, especially during winter.

Medicine Cabinets and Drawer

Make sure to have a space in the vanity for installing a medicine cabinet. Let’s say that protruding to 5 inches will be ideal.

The medicine cabinet won’t take much of your budget, anyway. So, why not consider the framing that would be enough for the space left?

The drawers are necessary, too. This will be a place to store toiletries in the bathroom.

Things To Know Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation Project


How would you like the toilet to be placed, will it be mounted on the wall, so you can hide it or just the usual, which is on the floor? Read some guides at, but the decision will depend on your design and theme. Of course, you also need to check the availability of materials and fixtures.

Those who are on a tight budget will have to consider the expenses, which is the cost of installation and labor. Though this may be included in the contractor’s fee when taking the packages offered.

The drainage will need to be checked, too. Do not forget the supply of water and the tank as well. Everything must go, according to what was planned with the expert.


Basically, you will need a small window in the shower room and along the toilet part. Since the bathroom is supposed to be private, you will have to make sure that the window will come with a good material.

Let’s say that you want it to be made of glass. This is fine, but it has to be frosted because you need to protect your privacy. Of course, you should not forget to consider the installation, since it has to be sealed properly.

If possible, choose something that you can tilt and turn for easy opening and closing. Do not forget there should be a screen outside, to keep insects off. But through this, you will be able to allow fresh air to pass and come in.


I supposed, you will have light fixtures in the room – check this out for tips on how to choose one. However, make sure to get a light, basing on your needs. Do you need something that should be bright enough or dim?

There are fixtures, where you may adjust the brightness, anyway. I guess, this will be good for a changing mood. So, it would be a good choice, whenever you would like to have a warm bath or do your thing in front of the mirror.