Evaporative Cooling is the reduction in temperature when water absorbs latent heat from the surrounding air as it evaporates. Similarly, the “cooling” of the skin from evaporating sweat is evaporative cooling and is a process for the body to lose excess heat.

Evaporative cooling is an atomic physics technique to achieve high phase space densities which optical cooling techniques normally cannot. Atoms trapped in optical or magnetic traps are cooled as the depth of the trap decreases and the hottest atoms leave the trap

Evaporative cooler technology originated from the concept of air cooling with water media. Where evaporative is a refrigeration component that functions to transfer heat from air, water or other objects by absorbing heat for the refrigerant evaporation process. This study aims to determine the effect of changes in the temperature of the cooling medium on the direct evaporative cooler.

The research was conducted by experimenting on AC equipment. The research variables were the cooling media temperature of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50oC. The blower wind speed is 2.95 m/s. The data taken include dry bulb and wet bulb input temperature data and dry bulb and wet bulb output temperatures. These data are used to determine the decrease in DB, relative humidity, humidity ratio and enthalpy change using psychometric diagrams. The results are used to calculate the efficiency of the evaporative cooler. The calculation results are displayed in the form of tables and graphs and analyzed based on existing theories.

The results showed that the temperature of the cooling medium (water) had an effect on changes in water discharge, air humidity and evaporator efficiency. The effect of changes in the temperature of the cooling media on changes in water discharge is that if the water temperature is greater, the resulting water discharge will be smaller and vice versa if the water temperature is smaller, the resulting water discharge will be greater. The effect of changes in the temperature of the water cooling medium on the air humidity is that if the temperature of the cooling medium is greater, the humidity of the air produced is also greater due to the large partial pressure of water vapor that occurs by the water temperature. The effect of changes in the temperature of the cooling medium on the efficiency of the evaporator is that if the temperature of the cooling medium is greater, the result of the output temperature obtained will be even greater so that the cooling efficiency of the evaporator is low.

While evaporative coolers have long been out of fashion, having been replaced by evaporative air conditioners, they offer some cost and environmental benefits that are hard to ignore. A portable evaporative cooler cools the ambient air through the evaporation process. Besides being cheaper than traditional evaporative air conditioners, it offers several other benefits.

  1. Eco-Friendly

While refrigerated chillers dry the air in your home and use chemicals that damage the atmosphere, evaporative cooling is based solely on a natural process, namely air being cooled by water. This means that the air expelled from the portable cooler is safe for the environment and will not dry out the air in your home.

  1. Minimal Operating Cost

One of the main advantages of evaporative coolers is that their operating costs are minimal. Since it requires electricity only to power the unit’s pumps and fans, you pay about 50% less in operating costs compared to an evaporative air conditioner which requires a lot of electricity to power its different parts.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Portable evaporative coolers are easy to maintain, thanks to their simple design. Its two main parts – the water pump and the fan motor – are easy to replace. Since vaporizer parts are inexpensive or complicated, you can also quickly repair and maintain them yourself. Their maintenance is very easy and can be done in no time.

  1. Fresh Air

Fresh air is the main benefit of evaporative cooling. Because evaporative cooling increases humidity, it helps you breathe better, especially if you live in a dry climate. The pads also act as effective filters (if properly maintained and cleaned), preventing airborne contaminants from entering the lungs. They can even help remove urban ozone contaminants from the air, regardless of how dry the weather is. Fresh air promotes a healthier lifestyle and fewer respiratory ailments. It is especially useful for those suffering from respiratory ailments.

  1. Low CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide releases gases that are often harmful to the environment and humans. Evaporative coolers release almost no CO2, unlike air coolers which release large amounts of it. Not only are they eco-friendly, but also allow them to breathe healthy air.

As long as you maintain the cooler your vaporized air, its lifespan can extend very far. The Quilo portable evaporative cooler is an eco-friendly and affordable option for your home and office. Purchase a portable evaporative air cooler for a long lasting cooling experience.