Here is How You Can Keep Your Spa Pool Water Clean and Healthy for Longer

Here is How You Can Keep Your Spa Pool Water Clean and Healthy for Longer

After a long day, you do not want to soak in murky and dirty spa pool water. Yucky and contaminated water could ruin your spa and pose various health risks. As a pool owner, it is crucial to keep your spa pool water sparkling clean. Water maintenance can seem expensive, but it does not have to be if you know what to do. Instead of dealing with a dirty pool and stressing over the cost of cleaning the water, here are simple ways to keep the water clean for a long time.

1. Clean the Filter System Regularly

The filter system is vital in filtering dirt and keeping the water clean. Failure to clean the filters causes a blockage, and the filters can no longer work well. So, avoid blockage by cleaning the filters after two weeks. You must remove the filters and use a garden hose to clean them. It is advisable to avoid using household cleaners or other cleaning products with harsh chemicals. Instead, consult a spa dealer to clean the filters correctly.

2. Use High-Quality Chemicals to Balance Water Chemistry

Another significant way of keeping spa water clean for longer is balancing the water chemistry. You will require to test the water regularly to ensure it is balanced. A good way of cleaning the water is by using hot tub enzymes. You can switch from using bromine and chlorine to using these enzymes. You may buy your products from a local shop because it is a cost-saving idea. However, using products not designed for a spa pool may do more harm than good. Hence, buying high-quality products from experts or licensed dealers is advisable.

3. Buy a Spa with High-Quality Filters

It can be tempting to go for a cheaper spa to save money. However, you must understand that low-priced spa pools have low-quality components like the filtration system. You will always have issues cleaning the spa water once you buy a spa pool with low-quality filtration. The system cannot function properly and will allow dirt to flow back into the water. Therefore, spending more on a spa with a high-quality water filtration system is best to enjoy clean water for a long time. The initial price may be intimidating but it will save you money in the long run.

4. Encourage Users to Shower before Soaking

Even though the filtration system removes debris and contaminants, you can reduce the amount of dirt entering the water by encouraging all users to shower before soaking in the hot tub. Showering removes impurities like cosmetics and bodily fluids like sweat, sunscreen, etc., that affect the water. If bathing is impossible, ask them to wipe off their feet before entering the spa.

5. Cover the Spa When Not in Use

Although covering the spa is for safety reasons, it also helps prevent leaves and dirt from entering the water. Invest in high-quality a quality spa cover to keep the water clean all the time. You can buy a lockable cover so you will not need to worry about the wind blowing it away.

 Enjoy a Clean Spa for Long

We hope these tips will help you enjoy a cleaner spa pool for a long time. If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Spa experts. They have all the information you need about caring for your spa water.

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