How To Order A Dual-Zone Wine Fridge From Bodega43

How To  Order A Dual-Zone Wine Fridge From Bodega43

You might be an avid wine lover who desires to store red and white wine bottles. This yearning might lead you to order a wine fridge online. However, you might initially feel overwhelmed by many makes and models showcased by a mass of manufacturers and outlets that only specialise in constructing state-of-the-art wine fridges. In addition, your need for the proper storage of both types of wine would lead to the conclusion that a 2 zone wine fridge would be the best option as it caters to the requirement of two separate temperature capacities. 

What is a dual-zone wine fridge, a.k.a 2 zone wine fridge

A dual-zone wine fridge offers two separate compartments encompassing its independent temperature domains. There is debate about the perfect temperature needs of red and white wine, as this necessity is not an exact science. However, many wine sommeliers would disagree with this finding. It is believed that you can optimally store red and white wine within a temperature zone between 7 – 18 degrees Celsius. In contrast, red wine lovers only relish this type of wine kept in a pivotal warmer environment of 12 degrees Celsius. As wine collectors advise, red wine’s boldness can only be savoured when served at room temperature. In addition, white wine is typically seen as a wine that needs a colder climate to age properly. Moreover, this wine is sometimes regarded as only enjoyable when served cooler than its cousin, the red wine. Therefore, the dual-zone wine cooler would be the best bet to accommodate both temperature needs for these contrasting wines.

Conducting and upholding the rules of proper temperature

Many wine experts advise storing your wine collection in an avant-garde piece of wine cooling technology. Within such a wine fridge, the aspect of the perfect temperature requirements mimics the same environmental needs provided inside a wine cellar. In addition, to the correct climate, many other features are upheld and supplied by a wine fridge. For example,  you must set the humidity to a steady 70%. The unwanted oxidation process occurs when the wine is exposed to air due to faulty humidity control. In addition, long-term heat exposure is detrimental to all wine types as it destroys all the aspects and integrity of that specific bottle of wine. Over 21 degrees Celsius would lead to the wine actually “cooking” and leaving only the taste of pure alcohol behind. Thus, evaporating and tainting the flavour of the wine.

Taking care of your dual-zone wine fridge

There are some steps that every wine collector needs to take upon the installation of their new and prized investment called a dual-zone wine fridge. Beforehand, your dual-zone wine fridge’s correct and final placement is number one on your tick-off list. Always remember that you cannot put your wine fridge in an area with too much direct sunlight. However, a wine fridge came equipped with magical mechanisms that would prevent unwanted UV rays from entering the wine placed inside such a great wine cooling mechanism, for example, by attaching a UV protective glass door with a proper seal to prevent another factor from occurring, such as rapid air fluctuations. In addition, a soft blue-hued LED light is attached inside, which adds to the unit’s aesthetical appeal and keeps the wine away from the destruction of fluorescent lighting. Incidentally, high vibration noise is kept at a low. High increases in rapid vibration levels can affect the balance of red and white wine, which would lead to unwanted sediment accumulating at the bottom of the wine bottle.  In conclusion, your decision to invest in a dual-zone wine fridge would not be proven wrong.

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