What Causes Sewer Issues?

What Causes Sewer Issues?

Talking about sewage is not an easy subject to discuss. Sewage problems can be just… gross. Have you ever smelled clogged sewer pipes? 

You could be exposed to a host of problems, including mold outbreaks, spreading diseases and respiratory problems, if you don’t have a waste management system. We care as much about your family’s health as we do plumbing.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are one the most common external causes of sewer line problems. Roots grow around pipes to find these nutrients and cause cracks large and small. Tree roots can completely or partially fill entire sewer lines. Even if you don’t have any trees in your yard, your plumbing problem could be caused by a neighbor’s tree.

Physical Obstructions

Clogs are one the most common causes of sewer damage. We have pulled all manner of items out of sewer pipes, including garbage, diapers and cooking grease, paper towels and menstrual products. These can cause blockages or clogs to your sewer pipes. Even if you maintain your pipes well, dirt, hair, and debris can build up in your sewer lines.

Normal Wear-and-Tear

Your pipes aren’t immune to the effects of time. Leakages and blockages can be caused by general corrosion and sediment buildup. Sagging sewer lines can be caused by natural soil movement. This can lead to repeated blockages, ruptures or leaks. While regular monitoring and maintenance are helpful, sewer pipes will eventually have a shorter life span than your sewage.

Improper Installation

Many times, we find that the methods used to install sewer pipes are not up to standard or that the wrong materials are being used. This can lead to breaks, separations, and clogs in lines and sewer service.

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