When we think of summers, we think of air conditioning. It is hard to imagine summers without it. For the air conditioner to serve you properly, it needs to be maintained. Just like any other appliance, there are moments when it needs repair. However, some issues require repair and require replacement. It is usually considered as the last option. Reach out to the experts at AirMakers to carry out a thorough inspection. They will help you to determine whether replacement or repair is the way to go about it. Following are some of the common problems that arise with ACs that can be repaired.

Contactors and Capacitors

It is highly suggested that you don’t play around with the electrical elements of the AC. Contactors and capacitors are the most accessible electrical elements that people usually end up tampering with. These two elements are responsible for the flow of voltage. When tampered with it can cause the whole cooling unit to not work. This issue can easily be fixed from the control panels.

Problem with drainage

AC’s can’t hold the water for long. There is an outlet that redirects the water from the unit. Sometimes this outlet is clogged, the amount of water begins to increase. As it is unable to flow out, the moisture finds its way back inside the room. This might cause water damage to the walls and mould growth. Sometimes, this causes damage to the unit which can’t be repaired. Ensure that you check the outlet for debris often.

Improper Maintenance of the unit

Enough emphasis can never be given to how important it is to properly maintain the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is evaluated regularly, it can prevent it from breaking out. During the checks, the expert will inspect thoroughly and point out any possible issues. This will help you to address problems before they arise. When there is a failure to carry out regular maintenance it can cause the unit to malfunction.

Leaking Refrigerant

The air conditioner uses the refrigerant as gas to cool the room. This gas needs to be filled properly for the unit to be efficient and effective. Sometimes, issues with refrigerants could arise. This could be due to insufficient charge while installation or because of the leak. Whenever there is less refrigerant, it needs to be diagnosed and fixed by an expert. However, ignoring the leak could cause the gas to reach the room through the circulation system.

Failure in Electric Control

Air conditioners work efficiently when it is making use of the complete specific cooling cycles at allotted times. It is essential to buy the right sized AC for the room. When the AC is too big or too small, it can cause many incomplete cycles. In this situation, there is increased pressure as fans and compressors are overworking. This can cause the elements to wear out and causes electrical failure. It also takes place when there is corrosion of the wires.