Evaporative Cooling is the reduction in temperature when water absorbs latent heat from the surrounding air as it evaporates. Similarly, the “cooling” of the skin from evaporating sweat is evaporative cooling and is a process for the body to lose excess heat.

Evaporative cooling is an atomic physics technique to achieve high phase space densities which optical cooling techniques normally cannot. Atoms trapped in optical or magnetic traps are cooled as the depth of the trap decreases and the hottest atoms leave the trap

Evaporative cooler technology originated from the concept of air cooling with water media. Where evaporative is a refrigeration component that functions to transfer heat from air, water or other objects by absorbing heat for the refrigerant evaporation process. This study aims to determine the effect of changes in the temperature of the cooling medium on the direct evaporative cooler.

The research was conducted by experimenting on … Read the rest

6 Ways to Cool Hot Rooms Quickly & Easily

If the weather is hot, you can’t sleep because your body feels hot. Want to have a cool room, but is there a way to make a cold room without air conditioning? Considering that at this time to buy a good AC, the price is quite draining, so you have to get around yourself so that the room will be cooler and you can sleep soundly. if you are looking for a personal air cooler at an affordable price, you can buy it at Vankool.

Here are some tips and ways to cool hot rooms without using AC. How to cope with stuffy and hot rooms can also be tricked by making our bodies cool, you know. Come on, just see the full tips below.

6 Ways to Cool Hot Rooms Quickly & Easily

Cause Room Heat

Rooms that are too hot can make us uncomfortable in it. If the air inside is too hot and stuffy, we … Read the rest

LED for day to day

LED lighting has entered our lives to stay. In our day to day we use LED lights more than we imagine. The secret of its success: a significantly greater energy savings than the lamps that were traditionally used and many other advantages that we collect in this post.

Advantages of LED lamps:

· They are more ecological. They do not contain polluting chemical substances, one of the biggest problems of fluorescent lamps and of low consumption. In addition, 95% of its components are recyclable.

· They have great light efficiency, with about 50,000 hours of useful life.

· Energy savings of up to 90% are obtained with respect to conventional lighting.

· Available in a large number of colors and formats.

· They allow a remote control of intensity, color, color temperature, operating hours and other functionalities.

· They do not emit heat. The risk of burns is therefore reduced.… Read the rest